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Aspergers as an Excuse

Posted by Admin on September 10, 2012 at 11:00 AM

I hate "using" my Aspergers diagnosis as an "excuse".  I don't want people to think I'm trying to get the easy way out, or not taking responsibility for my actions.  I try not to take more help than I need, or ask for unnecessary accommodations.  I will apologize for my wrong doings, and try everything in the world to make it right.  However, I'm starting to notice that there are times when people are unfairly mad at me for things that I struggle with.  It could be misunderstanding someone, it could be forgetting social etiquette, reacting to hypersensitivities or just being unaware of what's going on or how to deal with something.  First, I will have to try and explain that I'm struggling with something, and the person must know already that I have Aspergers.  If not, I will politely tell them that I do.  When people are unfairly mad at me for these things, however, I feel it is fair for me to "play the Aspergers card".  This means REMINDING them that I have Aspergers, and that I will always work on these weaknesses that I have, but for them to be upset with me for being unable to explain my actions to them other than that I have Aspergers, they need to cut me SOME slack.  I hardly EVER "use" my Aspergers as an "excuse", so when I do, I hope people realize that it's seriously a struggle for me to explain something.

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