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Posted by Admin on November 3, 2013 at 10:55 AM

I don't like people touching my head.  It's just something that makes me uncomfortable.  This means I also can't stand getting my hair cut.  I can't really see what the person is doing.  I feel little hairs tickling me all over.  My arms are stuck underneath a cover that is keeping more hair from getting on my clothes.  I can hear the scissors.  I feel the heat of the hair drier.  I can hear the sound of the hair drier.  I smell the hair care products.  Top it off with the endless chatter, and it's just not my favorite event.

So this is what I do:  I get my hair cut once a year, by the same person.  This person knows me and knows that I like the same cut every time.  (Which makes them a pro!)  I have them cut off as much as I can stand while still being able to tuck it behind my ears.  I do this in the Spring so that my hair is nice and short for the warm weather to come.  Then, I donate the hair to Locks of Love, and I'm set for the year.

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Reply Angel the Alien
11:46 PM on November 4, 2013 
I don't like hair cuts either, for many of those reasons! I actually used to cut my own hair all the time for this reason. Sometimes I ask my mother to cut it because she can do a somewhat good job. I hate having random people touching me, and I really hate the sounds and smells of the beauty parlor, so I only go there as a last resort!
Reply Kirsty Ann Seager Au
7:59 PM on January 19, 2014 
I also hate hair cuts. It took me really long time to get mine done. I had to find somewhere decent and will do what i want not give me a bob that i would meltdown too. I like short hair hate long hair and hate bobs.

I dont like the feel of the hair going on me makes me really itchy. I hate them washing my hair because they pull my head back
Reply Noel Mathur
7:24 PM on February 3, 2014 
Those of you who do not like hair cuts, apart from what already stated in the post, what other things do you 'feel'? I guess, the actual question I am asking, how would you calm a non verbal 5 year old for a haircut? Although DS is pretty verbal, still not good conversation skills to tell us, why he get a meltdown at the time of cutting hair. We have tried all possible options, touch devices, videos etc. they work to an extent.