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How I Clean My Room

Posted by Admin on August 30, 2013 at 6:15 PM

I have struggled with this one for YEARS!  But I THINK I've finally figured it out!  My friend let me have his tablet, and I've been playing around with it.  Then, I got the idea! 


I'm SO excited! I think I have finally found a way to clean my room! I take a picture of it on the tablet, and then use the doodle tool to circle the items I want to tackle. This works because it helps me to remember everything and slow down my thinking so that I'm not jumping ahead while cleaning the first item, and helps me to see my plans again! I can even use different colors for different situations, such as if there are multiple items that need to be grouped together, or if I need to ask someone about something.


This can also be used in other ways of organizing.  For instance, take a picture of your child's room.  Use one color to circle the art supplies, another color for books, and another one for trash.  (Keep it simple, don't go all rainbow on them!)  Then, use the same colors to show where the items belong in the actual room.  Put one color on the desk for art supplies.  Another color label can go on the bookshelf.  The trash can even be its own full color! 


Below you can see a picture of my room (I know, it's a HUGE mess.  That's the point.), with items circled.  This isn't my "quick fix" for the whole room, but it will certainly help me to tackle the 5 minute daily cleanings!  Give me another week or two, and this room will be lookin' good!

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