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What Airplane Safety Instructions Can Teach Us About Everyday Life

Posted by Admin on November 24, 2013 at 9:55 AM

If you have ever been on a plane before, you are probably very familiar with the instructions for using the oxygen mask in case of an emergency.  However, the importance is not just in the oxygen mask itself, but the ORDER in which the instructions are given.  Look carefully at this photo. 


The key is in step three.  "Put on your oxygen mask."  THEN step four "Assist the child with theirs." 


In life, there are times when we want to help others.  We care about them so much that we would rather help them than help ourselves.  But the importance in putting on our own oxygen mask first is the fact that, without helping ourselves, we can't help others. 


This concept applies to life in general.  Whether it's health, time, money - you name it, if you don't have enough for you, how can you continue to help others? 


Remember to put on your oxygen mask first.


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