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Reading Update

Posted by Admin on February 13, 2014 at 8:25 AM

I think I've finally figured out my issue with reading....AND I am starting to read better again!  My issue is with my reading speed.  I really enjoy reading things quickly.  Sometimes, though I read it TOO quickly, and I miss words or even skip an entire line.  This is sort of like trying to have a conversation on a cell phone with REALLY bad reception.  I can read some of it, but without reading enough of the material I lose the context.  This makes me have to re-read it.  Over and over and over again.  However, if I read too slowly, I get bored and my mind begins to wander.  (I think this is where my ADHD plays a part in the issue.)  I'm reading every single word, but I'm not connecting them because these other thoughts are interrupting the connections.  It's as if I would read "See Jane run." as "See 'I need to email' Jane 'my Mom' run."  I'm trying to read the sentence, but I'm thinking about the fact that I need to email my Mom.  Instead, my brain tells me that Jane needs to email her Mom, and the word run is completely out of context.  


So, as you can see, I do not have dyslexia.  (At first I thought I did because I didn't know why the words were getting so mixed up in my head.)  The reading too fast also explains why I may read whole words out of order.  Instead of reading "See Jane run."  I may read "Jane run see." because I realize I've missed a word and I go back to read it (even though now it's out of order).


The solution?  When I start to notice that I'm not reading well, I need to slow myself down.  If it gets too slow, I carefully adjust the speed and focus in on the word I'm reading.  Then I think about the word I've read, form a picture of that word in my mind, and read the next word until I start to comprehend the text again.  Once I start to understand what I'm reading, I can speed up a bit more so that it doesn't get too boring.  


I'm still practicing this, but I was able to read a full chapter of an adult size novel on my own!  I haven't done that in a few years.

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