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Dealing With Bullies

Posted by Admin on August 11, 2014 at 6:10 AM

Bullies are difficult to handle when you are in school, and especially on the spectrum.  But I was able to find a way to get through it.  Basically, I had to remember that what they said or did that was mean wasn't important.  I kept telling myself not to sink to their level....but inside I would come up with hilarious comebacks to their taunting.  (NEVER said them out loud.)  Just knowing that I had the comebacks made me feel smart and stronger and I knew that what they said or did didn't matter.

Of course, sometimes I would think of the comebacks a bit too late, but they still made me smile.  One time, I was walking home from school, and a group of kids were walking near me.  One of them yelled out "Hey, those sandals make you look short!"  I ignored them, and they went off in their own direction.  A few minutes later (after they were gone, of course!) I realized how silly of a statement that had been.  I mean, I'm not the tallest person in the world, sure.  But I've also never worn high heels or any kind of shoe with a height.  So I couldn't help but to laugh out loud, wishing I could have asked them "How in the world do my sandals make me look SHORT?"

Another incident was when I was actually in school.  We were waiting for the class to start, and I was sitting near a friend of mine.  I had been learning a little bit of Sign Language, and so I had also shared some of the alphabet with my friends.  I don't even remember what the bully had said, but it didn't (and still doesn't) even matter.  Because I looked over at my friend, and she started to sign "La, la, la" as if she were not listening to the cruel words of the bully.  I began to smile and tried not to laugh out loud.  The bully had no idea what my friend was saying, and could only recognize the letter "L" in the language.  So they tried to be even meaner and responded "Yeah, 'LOSER' to you, too!"  This only made me smile more!  They had no idea, and they had just proven it!  Once again, we had outsmarted the bully and kept our emotional strength. 

No, these bullies' statements hadn't been exactly nice.  But when I realized how silly they were, it made me feel so much stronger and smarter.  Emotional strength and intelligence were my secret "weapons" when dealing with bullies.  I honestly don't think they realized what they were up against.  In the end, it was a battle they lost. 

Because I'm here now, stronger and smarter than ever.

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