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Love Will Keep Us Together

Posted by Admin on February 25, 2015 at 8:20 AM

I think I may know why the autism community can't get along. It's the same reason why we get along SO well at other times. And no, it's not because of autism.


I think the reason why the autism community - full of parents and people on the spectrum themselves - just can't seem to unite is because of love. The love for our children and the love for our friends. This love is so strong that, while it brings us together to find help for each other, it also tears us apart.


Parents have a love for their children (from what I've been told) that is stronger than any other kind of love. And that means that they would do anything for their children.


However, we are all human as well. And so what works well for one person may not work well for another. We have different opinions, different ideas, different goals. So, while some parents may think that a cure for autism is best for their children, other parents are going to think that people need to accept the way their children are. Some still want a balance somewhere in between. Then you have the people on the spectrum themselves. And each one has his or her own individual opinion to add.


Think of it as though you are in an empty room. One person enters. You can easily have a conversation with this person. Then a few more come in. It's getting harder to hear each other. But more people just keep piling into this room. Suddenly, you find you have to shout just to simply be heard.


This is the autism community. A "room" FULL of people who are SO passionate, yet still human. But that is okay.


We may never fully unite over our different opinions. In the end, though, I truly do think that love will keep us together.

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