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Worthless Woman

Posted by Admin on April 18, 2015 at 8:40 AM

Sometimes I feel like a worthless woman.

Just sitting around, getting nothing done.

I cry tears of shame, over work unimportant.

Then smile in public, and pretend to have fun.


Maybe I'm not meant to get anywhere.

Perhaps I shouldn't be aiming so high.

Seeing so many others shine brighter than stars.

And here I am, I just try to get by.


I don't have much money, but time is well spent.

It's not like I have any college degree.

I can't offer much....yet I give all I have.

In the end, that's what seems most important to me.


Sometimes I feel like a worthless woman.

I don't have much more than a penny to spare.

And yet, what I lack in financial values,

I make up for in all of the ways I can care.


Maybe I'm not such a worthless woman.

My kindness and love are what really count.

And if that's the way we measure our worth....

I believe that I have an endless amount.

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