I Have Asperger's

The unique perspective of the world through the eyes of a girl with Asperger's Syndrome


Love Ya

Why Can't I

Crazy  (This one is my personal favorite!)

Waiting For You

Don't Lie

I Give Up

                                             Untitled Work

Well I've got to get out, but there's nowhere to go

Folks say they understand me, but what they don't know

Is there's no exits, just entries, obstructing the flow

And it's all gonna blow

HEY - how'd YOU get in?

Well, welcome to my world.


When I close my eyes, I see a crystal ball

In the crystal ball, I see images

In the images, I see people

In these people, I see hatred

In these people, I see anger

In these people, I see fear

Around these people, I see bursts of light

In these bursts of light, I see fire

In this fire, I see families

In these families, I see frightened people

I see these people in my crystal ball

Around my crystal ball, I see darkness.

I open my eyes, I don't see my crystal ball

But I still see the images.

                                    Asperger's Example...

Take a Sherlock Holmes mystery.  Imagine there are 10 paragraphs, each one of equal value of information to solve the mystery.  Nero-typical people have the entire story.  They can read it all.  They may not understand a word or two, but they have the rest of the context to help them figure it out.  People with Aspergers only get maybe 2 or 3 of these paragraphs, and aren’t able to figure out the words they don’t know.  They have to solve the mystery.  Sure, they may be able to figure it out, with a few good guesses, and a lot of hard thinking.  However, it’s hard to expect that they would be able to solve the mystery.  In fact, they may even get a quick and I mean quick glimpse of the whole story, but not enough for them to remember it all.  They are lucky to learn one or two extra clues.  When they come across a word they don’t know, they lose the idea that word brings to the sentence.  Once in a while, they get a chance to look up the word they don’t know, and learn something new, but they will probably forget it for a while, until they have read it so many times it comes naturally.  They may even have to look it up again.

Imagine living life like this every day, maybe even multiple times a day.  And the people with the whole story have no idea that you missed out on a lot of information, and think you are so stupid to not be able to solve it.  They see you as someone who takes the idea of being able to read for granted, and is lazy and doesn’t want to work to try to figure out the mystery, when in reality, you can’t work any harder than you already are.  It comes very easily to them, and they take that for granted.